Reveillon Tourtière (Acadian Meat Pie)

It’s been years since I’ve made Reveillon Tourtière. So this Christmas I thought I’d brush off the old recipe and give the photos a facelift. This is a traditional meat pie that originated with 17th century French Acadian settlers of Eastern Canada and New England. On Christmas eve, or Reveillon, the family would attend midnight massContinue reading “Reveillon Tourtière (Acadian Meat Pie)”

Kitchen Fail Steak and Kidney Pie

“…not too much kidney…just enough to give it that touch of bite…and lashings of steak, oooh, and it’s good steak too!…ooh.” – from Jeeves and Wooster, Season 1: The Hunger Strike. Is it possible we watch way to much Jeeves and Wooster? Perhaps it’s a sign, that after the ‘teenth  time of watching Tuppy GlossupContinue reading “Kitchen Fail Steak and Kidney Pie”

Christmas in New England

It’s been said that when you live somewhere long enough, it becomes a part of you. Sure, maybe it’s been four years since I returned to New York. Sure, maybe I live only five minutes from the suburb where I grew up. But after leaving New York at eighteen, I spent the better part ofContinue reading “Christmas in New England”