Kitchen Fail Steak and Kidney Pie

“…not too much kidney…just enough to give it that touch of bite…and lashings of steak, oooh, and it’s good steak too!…ooh.” – from Jeeves and Wooster, Season 1: The Hunger Strike. Is it possible we watch way to much Jeeves and Wooster? Perhaps it’s a sign, that after the ‘teenth  time of watching Tuppy GlossupContinue reading “Kitchen Fail Steak and Kidney Pie”

Comfort Food Pt. 2 : Christmas in New England

It’s been said that when you live somewhere long enough, it becomes a part of you. Sure, maybe it’s been four years since I returned to New York. Sure, maybe I live only five minutes from the suburb where I grew up. But after leaving New York at eighteen, I spent the better part ofContinue reading “Comfort Food Pt. 2 : Christmas in New England”