4 thoughts on “Torta Salata (Italian Vegetable Torte)

  1. Ah! That makes sense! In the US everyone makes quiche in pie pans, but I’ve noticed many of the French use tart pans. I prefer the pie pan for the depth. I like a higher egg to crust ratio. Nice. thanks!


  2. Hey. Honestly, aside from one being Italian and the other French, I don’t think there is much of a difference. In the end, both are crusts filled with garnishes bound and baked in an egg custard. But if you want to get specific…According to Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary, a Torta Salata is defined as a pie or flan. From what I have read on the subject, quiche is traditionally more of a shallow tart, and would be referred to in Italian as Torta Crostata. Quiche custard appears also to have a high percentage of cream and milk (naturally).


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