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Time to Talk Turkey

Like much of the country, I’m not cooking for the usual 20 guests this Thanksgiving. The turkeys I pre-ordered from Fossil Farms back in September arrived on Friday, and I was thankful that my sister was able to use one of them. I ordered two small turkeys instead of one large because they cook fasterContinue reading “Time to Talk Turkey”

Bison Picadillo

This week I start to work through my fridge and freezer inventory to make room for the turkeys I pre-ordered before COVID-19 downsized our Thanksgiving.  Today’s culinary challenge is to use yesterday’s leftover rice and a tub of chopped tomatoes, peppers and onions I marinated to make gazpacho before I realized I was out of cucumbers.   SoContinue reading “Bison Picadillo”

Homemade Sauerkraut

Making sauerkraut at home is very easy. You just need a few pieces of equipment and time for it to ferment. Sauerkraut is also a good introduction to making lacto-fermented pickles. I always wish the store bought stuff was a little less sour, so making it at home is great because I can control theContinue reading “Homemade Sauerkraut”


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About me

Hi there, I’m Priscilla. Once a reluctant architect, I’m now an executive chef in New York City. When I’m not working, I’m usually exploring new places with my fella DP, or at home cooking something up in our postage stamp sized kitchen. Things can get a little messy in there, but our cat Steve McQueen (a.k.a. SMQ) doesn’t seem to mind so neither do we.


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