The Hulk has Left the Building

“You won’t like me when I’m angry.” I had only heard about him, this bad ass cook we had working at one of our sister restaurants.  A legend in his own time, he could run a busy saute station like no one else.  He owned that station – as he should, after working it forContinue reading “The Hulk has Left the Building”

Carbon Steel Fry Pans, Oh Yes I Do!

Non-stick pans skeeve me out.  Teflon and other high tech coatings may be relatively harmless, but only up to a certain temperature, at which point they start to give off toxic gases.  I also haven’t met a non-stick pan that doesn’t scratch or peel, whatever promises they make.  So then you have to replace itContinue reading “Carbon Steel Fry Pans, Oh Yes I Do!”

The Importance of Being…Inspired

Oh a busy busy busy bee is me!  I know it’s been months since my last post, but between having a new puppy, caring for old cats, resolving yet another car accident (not my fault, I wasn’t even in the car), my novice attempts at gardening, and the demands of the restaurant, I don’t knowContinue reading “The Importance of Being…Inspired”

Call me Cookie

“Cookie! We missed you Cookie!”  That’s how Javier the pastry cook greeted Mike the garde manger cook, returning from a few days off. My sous-chef turned to me and asked, “Why do you guys call him Cookie?” I explained, “Whenever he walks by the pastry station looking for handouts, he says ‘Cookie? Cookie?’ So JavierContinue reading “Call me Cookie”

Watching the Garden Grow

Yes, outside of working a lot, all I’ve been up to these days is obsessing over my plants.  It’s hypnotic, relaxing and exciting all at the same time.  Every morning before work I tend to my little urban garden – watering if necessary, and cleaning up any dried leaves and flowers.  Afterward, I leave theContinue reading “Watching the Garden Grow”