About Have Knives, Will Cook: 

I started Have Knives, Will Cook with the belief that you don’t have to be a professional chef or have a professional quality kitchen to enjoy restaurant quality, from-scratch cooking at home. While you may see the occasional chef rant about kitchen life, this blog is primarily a celebration of sharing great food with family and friends. You will find both original recipes and some adapted from others.  Authors are always credited, and whenever possible, I provide a link to the source.  All the photography and artwork is original.

Whether you are preparing a simple dinner for two, a chaotic weeknight family dinner, or a large gathering, my hope is to share information, instruction, and inspiration to help you make the most of each season’s bounty, and build wonderful food memories at home. I invite you share your thoughts and stories here too.


About Me:

I am a working chef in New York City.  I know it seems like a conflict of interest for me to encourage folks to cook more at home, but for almost all chefs, that’s where their love affair with food begins. Growing up in a large multi-cultural, multi-lingual household, there was always something cooking that filled the house with its aroma. I learned to love all food and am always hungry for more.  I also travel, write, and collect images, and am inspired most by regional food cultures. When I can’t travel, I look to the diversity at home in New York City for inspiration.



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4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Priscilla!

    great to see you are a total foodie! I was wondering what restaurant you cook at- I am in nyc from time to time and am always looking for new restaurants.

    hope all is well for you, both personally and professionally!


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