Have Knives, Will Cook is both a personal blog, and a mantra for living and cooking fearlessly.

Hi, I’m Priscilla, an executive chef working in New York City. In 2008 when I started this blog, I was a thirty-something career changer, starting this uncertain and clumsy journey from reluctant architect to professional chef and beyond. Since then, I’ve cooked everywhere from neighborhood bistros with tiny kitchens crammed into their basements, to fine dining restaurants with shiny well appointed commercial kitchens. At work, I might be a perfectionist, but at home things can get kind of messy.

At Have Knives, Will Cook, I invite you into my tiny home kitchen, where occasionally you might also meet my fella DP, or our cat SMQ. Here, no food is off limits. I cook whatever I feel, unpolished and undiluted by the demands of the restaurant kitchen. Cobbled together from memories of my large multicultural, multi-generational family, years of Sunday dinners and birthday parties, holidays and travel, and quiet times at home, these recipes are a deeply personal celebration of the people, places, and flavors that inspire me. I hope you’ll jump in and try them, change them, and make them you own. If things don’t always go as planned, just repeat after me:

“Have knives, will cook, have knives, will cook, have knives, will cook….”

Link to professional webpage: https://www.priscillayeh.com

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