Hi, I’m Priscilla, a working chef in New York City.  I live to cook and I love to travel. When it comes to cooking, I sometimes start with a food memory, like my Aunt’s yellow tofu. Other days I just open the fridge, determined make something delicious from that mess of spring onions the CSA sent me and the jar of black mint paste I bought for a recipe and haven’t used since. 

Whether I’m feeding 500 guests at the an event, cooking with the fella at home, or traveling to a new locale, I try to let every meal be new adventure, and every day be an opportunity to experience new places, flavors, and cuisines.

Along the way, I collect and share images, recipes and stories I hope you will enjoy.

Link to professional bio www.priscillayeh.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi Priscilla!

    great to see you are a total foodie! I was wondering what restaurant you cook at- I am in nyc from time to time and am always looking for new restaurants.

    hope all is well for you, both personally and professionally!


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