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Menu Sneak Peek

Now that my cooks have seen the kitchen and the space, they are are really stoked to get in there and start making some food.  But first things first.  What we are talking about here is re-launching a restaurant.  It might be new to me, but not new to the neighborhood, and I’ve watched enough Kitchen Nightmares to know this is not going to be easy.

For the re-launch I proposed totally new menus, name, and food concept.  The owner wasn’t 100% sold on the name, but he really liked the menus.  I think the highlight of the lunch menu is going to be our take on the classic Ploughman’s Lunch.  It’s a traditional midday meal of bread and cheese eaten cold with beer or wine, we will be sprucing up with house made pates, smoked fish, pickles and chutneys. And since the location only has a beer and wine license, it should be perfect for a quick lunch.

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