First Look

Well here she is, my new home away from home.  One fryer, a flat top grill, an open flame grill, a six burner range and oven, and a salamander to serve a 50-seat restaurant.  That’s all folks.  Yesterday I brought my sous chefs over for a meet ‘n’ greet with the owner.  We went over the menus for brunch, lunch, dinner, and mid-day, and I showed them the kitchen.  They seemed really excited, and a picture started to come together of how we would staff and execute the menu.

We didn’t use a flat top at my last restaurant.  Instead we had sixteen burners, three ovens, two fryers and a grill.  We sauteed everything in pans and finished roasting them in the oven.  Cooking in saute pans offers a degree of control you can’t get on a flat top grill.  Still, the flat top does open us up to different possibilities, especially for brunch.  And as long as the dishwasher isn’t busy scrubbing pans, he can jump in and help the cooks.  It became clear to us that we were going to have to get a little more creative about designing and executing our menu.  Now the big question is how we are going to produce a high quality restaurant menu in a kitchen currently set up for short order cooking…

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