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Food in Progress

I love a chopped salad.  D and I are simply addicted to them and every weekend we look for new ways to combine some kind of pork product with eggs and chopped greens for brunch.  In my opinion the perfect salad is a classic French frisee salad, with its salty chewy bacon lardons, gooey poached egg, crunchy sourdough croutons and mildly bitter frisee dressed in a simple vinaigrette.  It contains all the elements I want in a salad, and every chopped salad we’ve made is some variation on this theme.  We began last winter after I finally gave into New York’s fixation with winter kale salads and made one with thinly sliced brussels sprouts, bacon, walnuts, soft scrambled egg, and a touch of blue cheese and a splash of tangy sherry vinegar.

One of my cooks taught me to make fresh Mexican chorizo last weekend.  It was surprisingly easy.  We mixed ground pork with a puree made from reconstituted guajillo and pulla peppers, onion, garlic, cinnamon, clove, cumin, fresh oregano, salt and pepper, then let it marinate overnight.  At the restaurant we made it into hash and eggs.  At home, I thought I would try combining it with cherry tomatoes, more soft scrambled egg, and cotija cheese for the next installment of our chopped salad series.  It still needs work though.  Even wilted, the greens I used were too bitter and overpowered the chorizo and mild cheese.  I found myself just chasing the greens around looking for delicious bits of chorizo, egg, and cheese.  More to come.

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