Here’s to a Fresh Start


The only item in my fridge right now is an unopened bottle of Pol Roger that D. bought us to celebrate my recent move. After 9 years of commuting anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day, I have finally moved into a sunny corner apartment located a mere 7 minutes walk from work. Even in severe weather, the subway station is only two blocks away and one stop from work. It is truly a beautiful thing.

The apartment, much like the fridge, is still almost completely empty, and as I write, I am sitting on a borrowed air mattress – the only piece of furniture here. There are very few things that made the initial move with me.  Aside from my books, cookware, and musical instruments, there is not much I actually want to keep anyway.  So I’m using this move as an opportunity to rid my surroundings of 9 years of unnecessary clutter and make a fresh start.

Basic survival kit, in no particular order:

knives…french press…kettle…saute pans (one each cast iron, stainless, and carbon steel)…stockpot…my go-to cookbooks …kitchen towels…vacuum sealer…immersion circulator…plates…bowls…coffee mugs…mason jars (as drinking glasses)…a suitcase of clothing…rain boots…running sneakers…my go-to boots …towels…soap…toothpaste…toothbrush…dog bed…dog bowls…dog food…dog

Oh, and of course the computer.

5 thoughts on “Here’s to a Fresh Start

  1. I did say, in no particular order…Besides people always remember the beginning and the end of what you say so I put the most important things there. The middle always gets a little fuzzy!


  2. I like the name of your blog, Priscilla — its catchiness makes it unique. I’m also learning from the features you have on this site… copyrighting is a good thing. I’ll need to learn how to watermark my photos and protect the content of my blog.


  3. That new apartment sounds so exciting! I love starting fresh with no clutter. I’m currently trying to throw out as much of my current clutter as possible in order to feng shui up the place. Congrats!


  4. Immersion circulator? Interesting. After being spoiled in Scotland I never move anywhere without the electric tea kettle! Consider a nice futon with coil spring and frame that you can pull out to a double or queen bed. It is a “wall-hugger” so you don’t have to move it to open or close. Just a thought. Place looks great! Best of luck and entertain more, and/or get more sleep being seven minutes from work! Cheers! Dee


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