Summer Garden Round Up #1: Heirloom Tomato Salad with Fresh Mozzerella, Proscuitto & Basil

Okay, so the whole Post a Week thing hasn’t exactly worked out.  I won’t bother making lame excuses, but anyway here I am, back to the blog world.

We had a moderately successful garden this year, which for a some time, produced more tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs than two people could possibly eat.  It was a daily battle with the mosquitoes though, to whom I am definitely prey.  Once mosquito season got really bad, it became just too unbearable to stand out there with my camera.  Daily I would pick, weed, water, then run back inside.  It is simply a cruel joke of creation that I should be so attractive to mosquitoes while simultaneously being so allergic to their bites, but in the end, it was worth the torment.

This year we grew three heirloom tomato varieties:  Black Krim, Yellow Pear, and Roman Plum Tomatoes.  The Black Krims were by far the sweetest and most flavorful.  The thing about having great summer produce is that it takes so little to make a delicious meal out of them.  Our favorite way to enjoy our bounty of tomatoes was simply to arrange them on a platter with proscuitto and fresh mozzerella.  I would drizzle them with good olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt, a generous turn of the pepper grinder, and top them with garden fresh basil.  Then all it would take was a crusty loaf of peasant bread to round out this easy yet substantial late night meal for two.

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